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Do you ever feel like you've lost your way? Do you ever feel like you're not sure what the next step should be? I'm sure all of us do at some point in time. It reminds me of a story that Sean Coby tells in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, where he reminds us about taking a flight.

Like on your holiday to Tenerife, you think that the pilot is taking off, you're going in a straight line and you're landing. But actually, did you know, your plane is off course 90% of the time? Sure, the pilot has booked a flight plan. But various things like wind and turbulence, pilot error, all kinds of things, keep knocking it off course. And the pilot makes small adjustments during the flight for 90% of the flight, in order to bring the plane back on course for you to arrive at your destination.

And that’s pretty much like life. The route to any goal involves a series of small corrections. And when you realise that's the normal way of being, it can help you to relax about where you currently are. Because as long as you know what your destination is, it's okay if you're blown off course every now and again or even the majority of the time. Just take one step. If that step turns out not to be the right step. Guess what? You take another step. The only thing that you calibrate on is whether that step is taking you towards where you want to be, or not. And if it's not, you take another step, no judgement, just take another step.

It's like driving on a dark motorway. You need to see what's immediately ahead of you, but you don't need to see the whole of the route all the way. So chill.

And please remember, you're not alone. The journey to your destination is probably not going to be a sprint, it's more likely to be a bit of a marathon. So, come to the My Quest Hub. You'll see there's loads of free tips and tools and resources to help you on your way. Click here.

And if you think that you need a little bit of extra support, then go to our Therapist Finder.  You'll find there are lots of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapists ready and able to help guide and support you - and help you to get rid of those blocks that can sometimes obstruct your progress. Click here to find out more.

Trevor and the Team
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